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Welcome to MJ Durkin Seminars!

Selling for twelve years at the kitchen table, MJ Durkin built one of the most profitable and record breaking water treatment dealerships in the country. It was here that he refined his strategies on prospecting. After selling his ten year old service business for $250,000, he started cold calling on corporations and small businesses to build a speaking and sales training business.

In 2005 after successfully training many Fortune 1000 companies, MJ Durkin was approached by several top distributors in a well known Network-Marketing company. Impressed with his emphasis and strong message on prospecting, they encouraged him to write a book for their industry. They provided the details about their industry and MJ combined his techniques with Network-Marketing and the book, Double Your Contacts, was born. To date, over 82,000 copies of the book have been sold.

MJ Durkin has been a keynote speaker and presenter for some of the world’s largest sales organizations. North America’s Prospecting Coach, is known for his irreverent, humorous speaking style, as well as his ability to connect with an audience and keep them engaged.

He is the author of four other books: Double Your Contacts: What Every Network-Marketer Needs To Know About Making Contacts And Booking Appointments, Selling from the Heart: Weekly Visualizations, Inspiration and Strength for those that Sell, Own Your Home – Own Your Life!: Beat the Bankers and Credit Card Companies at their Own Game and Retire Debt Free and Double Your Downline: Unlocking the Secrets of Network-Marketing Success.

Testimonials from The Leaders
Bruce Hauman
"Thank you for the clarity on a subject that just about everyone "creatively avoids" doing. If a person really wants success in network marketing, they should put down their product manual and become a student of the "Rules" and techniques that MJ teaches."
Bruce Hauman,
Senior National Sales Director
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