Celebrating the Small Successes!

  In this blog post, you’re going to learn how success TRULY builds upon itself, to create massive momentum in your life. I just got off stage in front of 700 people, training them on prospecting and confidence, and I wanted to share this very important strategy with you. In one of my most famous…

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How to Meet People When You’re Out and About

Today, I’m going to help you with an inner-game technique that will help you meet people when you’re “out and about.” Now, one of the problems with going out to malls or other places to meet people is that Network-Marketers tend to have a little bit stalker-ish quality. If you’re going to go out and meet…

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How To Quiet Your Crazy Mind

Question: I’m a Christian and I pray…but ever since I’ve started meditating, I struggle with all of the thoughts that fly through my mind, as soon as I begin to meditate! As soon as I sit down, every challenge and thought I’ve had seems to come into my mind…and instead of meditating for 15 minutes,…

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Why Meditation is Vital to your Success!

The following question comes from a Q&A session MJ did following an event in Waterbury CT 2016.   Question: In your program, Recommendation Selling®, you talk about quiet time… on quiet time. You had a statistic that said that all successful people take quiet time/meditation time. How is that related to success? MJ Durkin: You want…

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Meditation Secrets For Manifesting

What is YOUR life going to look like? How do you actually get your life to look the way you want it to? What are the HABITS that create abundance? One of the trainings I do with my Coaching Members involves “pre-paving” the things that you want. This means that you actually go into a…

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Portrait of girl on lemonade stand holding up one hundred dollar bill

Are you sitting behind your lemonade stand?

I was five years old. My father had helped me make a lemonade stand. And I was about to make my first cold call, ever. I decided to set my price for my lemonade at 25 cents a glass, which at the time was a strong price because my competitors were selling their lemonade for…

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Your “Prospecting Story”

Gold, silver, diamonds…those are the things the prospectors of old were searching for. They would search through rocks, rivers and dirt with their shovels and gold pans… Trying anything and everything to find these valuable materials. What do modern-day prospectors do? They sort and sift through a lot of people who are not interested in…

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My Dog’s Not Depressed

Well-being is always streaming towards us. I thought of this as I was outside and enjoying the beautiful trees, the smell of the fall air and the leaves that are falling…it’s just a gorgeous time of year here in Connecticut. Nature has always been a place where I’ve strongly felt the presence of God. It’s always…

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Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.21.26 PM

Want To Attract More Success? — Have More Fun!

Hi Everybody, It’s MJ Durkin here and if you just watched my very important and critical video (tongue in cheek) you may be wondering, “Hey MJ, that was just you fooling around in the kitchen cooking and laughing with your Sons — what’s the point?” Let me tell you a story: When I dropped out…

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Savoring Your Life

This article, and the video (make sure you watch it!) will teach you a very important key: How to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage by learning how to savor and be excited about the things that you DO have! “Click here to learn the 2-Step Script to Get New Leads!” Many of you…

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