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Who is MJ Durkin?

MJ Durkin is the World’s #1 Network-Marketing and Direct Selling Trainer. The author of eight books on prospecting, presenting and closing, he has helped thousands of Network-Marketing Professionals fill their calendars with appointments. Over 265,000 copies of his book, “Double Your Contacts” and 485,000 of his audio programs have been purchased by Relationship-Marketers around the world.

The World’s #1 Network-Marketing and Direct Selling Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1) How do I access my online trainings? +

Your online trainings that were purchased at any event or online were emailed to the email address you provided. To find that email, search your inbox for "MJ Durkin" "MJ Durkin Seminars" or "" Once locating that email, you will see your login information, including your password, as well as further instructions to access your trainings.

Q2) How do I join MJ's Personal Coaching Program? +

You can join the Personal Coaching Program by calling our office at 860-799-6120.

Q3) How can I get MJ to speak live for my team? +

To inquire about speaking requirements, please call our office at 860-799-6120.

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