Attract Better Quality Prospects

So you mean to tell me…your prospects have no money?

We hear this from our members of The Freedom Circle often. They say, “You know…I’m trying to attract good people to my presentations and opportunity meetings but I’m getting people who don’t have any money. They can’t make decisions and they aren’t interested in my business. They are simply bad prospects!”

…”MJ, how do I start attracting better prospects?”

This is a great question because you have to understand that you are always creating your life – yes, YOU – it’s not anyone else or any outside forces creating your life – it is YOU.

The prospects who are showing up in your life are always a result of the story you are telling and the vibration that you are holding.

Let me repeat this – it is YOU.

You are actually attracting people who don’t have money, who can’t make a decision, who need to go and do research, who need to go talk to their friends and family and all of a hundred other excuses for not joining your business.

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The number one thing that you need to know is you are attracting these people because of the story you are telling and the vibration that you are holding.

Now let me tell you the story I often hear from people….I’ve attracted people who aren’t any good. There aren’t any good people in my town/city. I’ve even heard the phrase “my country” be uttered.

The country you are in IS good for your business. It is the vibration and signal you are sending out that is the problem.

So, my tip for you is you need to start changing your words and you need to change your story. Your story is not supporting you to be able to attract good people.

I’m not even going to work on the old story – let’s just look at a new story.

Here’s the new story (below, in YELLOW):

I’m attracting great people to my business. I attract people who have money. I attract people that can take out a credit card or write a check to buy my starter pack with no problem. I attract people who are open-minded and that are interested in new ideas. I attract people who want to grow and who want more out of life. I attract people that want a better lifestyle for themselves and their family.

This is huge.

Start changing your story and get it away from you not being able to find any good people. You’ve got to start speaking your new story into existence.

Now, just saying it doesn’t cut it.

You also have to start feeling it.

I’ll often tell my students – “This is where a lot of you screw up. A lot of you say that you want to be rich but you don’t really feel it. You don’t feel it in your head and in your heart. If you don’t feel it then you’re not going to be emanating that kind of signal.”

You see, it’s the signal that you’re sending out that matters and just saying these things is not enough. You also have to start getting into the feeling place of feeling how good it will feel when you are doing presentations and your prospect is tracking along with you. You have to get into the place where you feel how amazing it is to have someone intently looking at your video or presentation.

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So, in order to attract great people, you have got to start changing your story and speaking a more positive story/vibration.

More importantly, you have got to start getting yourself into the feeling place of how good it will feel to attract great people who can make the investment and join you.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. I want to let you know that I am rooting for you. I am cheering for your success in your Network-Marketing, Direct Selling or the Party-Plan business. Dream big and succeed!

This Week’s Challenge: In the comments section below, leave a quick comment telling me the NEW STORY you have about attracting new prospects…describe them, tell me what it FEELS like to be attracting these NEW kinds of prospects…seriously, physically STOP what you’re doing and write a comment about your NEW prospecting story and do it with intention!