Avoiding Laser Beams!

If you ever get shot down when prospecting in your Network-Marketing business, this blog post will help you!

I had a networker ask me a question and I thought it was an absolutely fantastic question.

She said to me, “MJ, I’m having trouble in my business. I keep talking to people and asking them if they’re interested in making money and asking them if they’re interested in a great opportunity.” and she said, “They ask me a lot of questions, they kind of corner me and I get kind of frustrated with their questions about the company and how it works.” and “I’m in my uniform from work and I’m in the behavioral health industry. I don’t feel like I can really prospect people. So, MJ, I keep asking people if they’re interested in some kind of opportunity and I always get shot down.”

I LOVE this question!

This young lady was so excited about her business but she didn’t know what to do with this situation…

So I’m going to give you a golden nugget here.

When you’re prospecting, out and about, don’t try to qualify people live.

Don’t try to do a presentation in a bank line.. or at work or over the cubicle... or sitting next to somebody at a soccer field!

The job you have is simply to get their name and number so you can talk to them at another time.

You see, if you try to do the qualifying in person, that person is going to try and nail you down and laser beam you, and corner you!

It’s really tough when someone is trying to laser beam you like “WHAT’S THE NAME OF THE COMPANY, IS IT A 1099, HOW DO YOU GET PAID!?!?!” and they get really in your face like, “WHAT IS IT!!?!?!”

You can’t and shouldn’t handle that kind of thing!

So, when you’re outside and you’re prospecting in your everyday life, at work… at the gym… at yoga class… after church, I simply just want you to say:

“Hey you’re really sharp, we should talk, we should trade information. Hey, let me get my cellphone out…. your cell number is??”

…and, get the number first so that then you can call them back and set up a proper appointment.

That’s really the best way to do it.

You’ll find you have better control and you’ll avoid the laser beams!

This Week’s Challenge: In the comments section below, leave a quick comment COMMITTING that you pledge to ONLY get your prospect’s name & number in the first interaction instead of trying to qualify them on the spot!

Comment below and commit to giving yourself this EDGE in prospecting & recruiting.