Celebrating the Small Successes!

In this blog post, you’re going to learn how success TRULY builds upon itself, to create massive momentum in your life.

I just got off stage in front of 700 people, training them on prospecting and confidence, and I wanted to share this very important strategy with you.

In one of my most famous training programs, The Confidence Course, I discuss the 9 Strategies of Highly Confident People, and one of those strategies is called “Celebrate the Small Victories.”

Now, here’s what made me so excited to teach on this, today…

At this event, I was listening to all the great speakers and one of them, a $2-3 million earner in his company, said this:

“You can learn as many things as you want in training, you can listen to all the audio, you can watch all the videos, you can go to all the courses, but what builds belief and confidence is to go out and have some small successes.”

That’s absolutely HUGE! You’ve got to have some small successes!

One of my techniques for highly confident people is that you’ve got to celebrate the small victories, because that’s what leads to the big ones.

You see, what a lot of us do is that even when we have a small success, whether we book an appointment, make a sale, recruit someone or enroll a new member to our team, we say…

“That was cool, I guess…”

“That was alright…”

“But…boy, that’s still a long way from being a millionaire!”

We downplay our successes as if they were just milestones in the road.

But what the speaker said today is really critical:

Success builds upon success!

When you have success, it makes you more confident.

When you increase your confidence, you start to attract a better quality of people.

You will start communicating this to the Universe and…

You’re going to vibrate on a different level – you’re going to vibrate on the level of attraction.

People are going to want to be around you because YOU feel successful.

It’s so important for you to celebrate like crazy!

It’s time for you to celebrate every small, little victory.

Because they’re not “SMALL…”

Rather, each victory, no matter the size, is an integral piece of your bigger success.

At our company, we play the “Wanna hear some good news?” game!

 All of our people in the office, our customer service people, our sales people, our video team, our event team…

Whenever something happens we say “Hey, wanna hear some good news?”

It can be something as small as saving a 100 dollars off of a copy order, or great edit of a video, or even just a field leader saying that we made a big difference in their company.

And we focus on actively celebrating the good news, all of the successes…all of the victories…big, AND small…by telling each other about all of them!

You see, when you tell your company or your team, even your family, THAT'S an amazing way to celebrate and imbed the positivity into your consciousness!

My family members do it all the time!

My wife will call me up and say, “Hey, wanna hear some good news?”

My sons will call me up and say, “Hey, wanna hear some good news?”

Whenever anyone hears that, they’ll instantly say, “Yes! What’s the good news?”

It completely elevates the vibration of the conversation…it’s so much fun, and guess what it focuses you on?

It focuses you on things that are good.

Can I make a recommendation to you?

My recommendation is that you celebrate the small successes.

Say “Hey, wanna hear some good news?”

“I did THIS today…I sold a prospect or recruited a new member, or I booked 10 appointments today!”

If you implement this strategy and if you play this game with your team, I can promise you, you will excite your team and galvanize them into positive, productive action as everyone begins to call each other and saying “Hey, wanna hear some good news?”

If you want to be successful, you must to celebrate the small successes because celebrating the small victories will lead to the big ones.

This Week’s Challenge: In the comments section below, tell me TWO small successes that happened for you, this past week. They do NOT have to be “big” successes – something as simple as “I made 3 prospecting calls!”  or  “I got to the gym for 5 straight days” or “I had a great conversation with my son/daughter!”

Comment below and let me know TWO of your small successes that have occurred in your life, in the last 7 days!