Getting Your Prospect’s Number


If you want to finally get more phone numbers when you’re out and about, this blog post will help you with…

…your “transition game.”

And you need to work on it, BIG TIME.

Because making the transition to getting the name and number of the person you are trying to prospect is one of the hardest things to master in Network-Marketing.

It’s VERY tough for most people to be relaxed, authentic and powerful when asking for a prospect’s number.

And you need to fix YOUR inner-game to understand that it is perfectly okay for you to switch the conversation into some kind of a “business conversation” where you acquire their contact information.

Let me tell you the biggest mistakes that I hear when people are talking to others:

One of the big mistakes in the transition is that they try to qualify people.

They ask them questions about their interest in making money, if they keep their options open and other questions that are all buzz-word phrases.

Here are a couple of rules –

  • don’t try to qualify people
  • don’t try to see if they are interested
  • don’t try to see if you can set an appointment with them right there on the spot

You are being too pushy and aggressive.

You simply want to get their number and then call them back.

As you turn to go, turn back around and say, “Hey. This will sound kind of crazy but I have some friends of mine in a business and they are expanding. We should really talk sometime – let’s trade information.”

I’ll then take my cellphone out and ask for their cell phone number.

Once I’ve finished entering their number, I’ll hit send and say, “Jerry – I just called you. Is your phone buzzing? Pick it up and put my name as First Name –MJ…Last Name – Durkin. Listen Jerry it was really great to meet you. I’m happy we traded information. I might not be able to call you right away because I’m very busy but if I don’t call you right away can you be patient?”

Jerry may ask what it’s all about or what I want to talk to him about.

Answer with something like, “Right now isn’t the best place to talk about the details but that’s why I will call you. It probably won’t be soon because things are really moving with my business but I promise you I will get back to you. You can be patient if I don’t call for a few days right?” Now I’ve actually had people say to me – “But you will call me, won’t you?”

Look at what’s happening:

NOW… the prospect is moving towards you.

Notice all the phrases that I used – these lines (including “We should trade information”) are great to indicate reciprocity. It’s such a great benign statement allows you to get their name and contact information.

One of the big problems that you have is when you meet new people you work really hard to get their names and numbers and then when you call them back they won’t pick up the phone.

One of the reasons that they are not picking up your call is that it’s coming in as an unidentified call.

So, when you meet someone new make sure to call their phone and make sure they label it as you!

There will be a much greater chance they will pick it up if they see it’s someone they already know.

This is some great information to help you to get more names and numbers to take your business to the next level.

This Week’s Challenge: In the comments section below, leave a quick comment making your commitment to using THIS process to get names and numbers.