How Changing Her Story Helped One Client Make a 1-Million Dollar Sale


One of our amazing members in The Freedom Circle asked a MILLION-DOLLAR question and I wanted to share it with you.

It’s a gal named Deb G. who asked, “I can talk to anyone and meet with anyone. They will tell me their life story and I’ll bring them to my church. They love my friends and family members but I just can’t seem to meet anyone and talk to them positively about my business.”

Now when we work with members in The Freedom Circle, one of the first things we talk to them about is their “story” about themselves and about their business.

So I started asking Deb some questions about the way that she felt about her business…

I asked her some questions about how she felt about making money and as I probed a bit more, I found out that Deb had some real inner game issues with being successful and making money.

Now I hear this from many of my Freedom Circle members and as a matter of fact, in The Freedom Circle, the very first audio when you join is an audio called Manifest Your Desires. In that audio I talk about is a lot of people don’t feel worthy about having success.

I can tell you that the majority of the people I work with are not having the success that they should be having with their business because they don’t feel like they deserve it.

As I started talking to Deb, she started to reveal she had a lot of issues with making money.

She was always told as a child that she had enough and was very lucky. With everyone starving all over the world she was lucky to have hot meals and she was taught that one shouldn’t want any more.

It’s very common and many of us have been taught to be satisfied with what we have. A lot of us get to a certain point and say, “Ok. That’s it.” We think we shouldn’t become greedy and if we have too much, we should give it away!

In fact, 90% of The Freedom Circle members that I train have issues with wanting things, desiring things and manifesting things. This prevents them from breaking through to the levels of success that they want.

So Deb and I started working on changing her story…because I can teach anyone techniques and I can teach anyone strategies but if they don’t fix what’s in their head and heart it won’t matter.

So we worked on her story and started changing it, and this is what her story evolved into:

I can talk to anyone about my business. My business is awesome and I believe in it. I’ve used the products and services myself. It’s an awesome business and I love helping people.

See, Deb really loved to help people so we changed her story from just liking people and meeting them to the fact that she had something really powerful to offer. So many of you have great things to offer people and it’s amazing the powerful impact your businesses can have on people’s lives.

Many of you know this but sometimes your restricted in transferring that conviction and belief to people.

I want to report to you that three weeks later she got on a question & answer call and said, “Hey MJ want to hear some great news? I just closed a million-dollar deal. The very first sale I’ve made in over a year as a result of changing my story helped me to attract a great prospect and literally sold a million-dollar contract. I’m so excited about this MJ – thank you for taking the time to work with me on my story.”

When I get success stories like that, I’m just thrilled.

My tip for the day is that I hope you will start to change your story.

I want you to develop a story that supports the success that you want to have.

You see, most of us have a story we tell ourselves and we actually believe it deep down in our inner being. It’s so engrained in us but it doesn’t support us and doesn’t allow us to break through in our business.

If you are having trouble to get people to join you in your Network-Marketing business, I’ll guarantee you it’s because of your story. You need to start changing your story so it supports you to be successful in your business.

As always, I’m thrilled you are here learning from me. I hope this material is helping you to take your business to the next level. What I love about Network-Marketing, Direct Selling and the Party Plan business is that it renews your hopes and dreams. It gets you excited again about having goals and wanting things in life. I think that’s the most amazing thing and if I can help you in any way to manifest your desires I think that’s the ultimate calling. I’m cheering for you and would love to hear about your successes.

This Week’s Challenge: In the comments section below, leave a quick comment telling me the NEW STORY you have about how AMAZING your business is. Just give me one sentence. GO!