How To Quiet Your Crazy Mind

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Question: I’m a Christian and I pray…but ever since I’ve started meditating, I struggle with all of the thoughts that fly through my mind, as soon as I begin to meditate! As soon as I sit down, every challenge and thought I’ve had seems to come into my mind…and instead of meditating for 15 minutes, I spend that time accidentally going over my to-do list! How do I fix this?

MJ Durkin: Ironically, the way to fix this is NOT by trying to stop having active thoughts.

The minute you tell your brain to quiet down, it says “Oh no, I’ve got too many things for you to do!” and you begin to feel the avalanche of thoughts flooding into your mind.

That’s when you’re to-do list comes up – when you’re trying to AVOID thinking about it!

(It’s kind of like saying “ok…DON’T picture a pink elephant in the room)

So in order to achieve the peaceful mindset, the "blank" or "relaxed" simply have to focus on something that you can turn your attention to...and just stay focused on that.

What could that thing be?

Well, many meditation experts recommend breathing.

As you are praying and/or meditating, try focusing on the way your breath flows.

Focus on the intake…as you push the belly out…

Focus on the out breath…as you bring the belly in…

Remember: the significance of your breathing is incredibly important: it actually keeps you alive! Your breathing is the life force the beats your heart.

It is steady and rhythmic and it is EASY to focus on…therefore, focusing on your breathing during prayer/meditation is a tremendously effective way to “quiet your mind.”

Calming the hundreds of thoughts in your brain doesn’t have to be hard.

You don’t have to resist and struggle and say to yourself “OKAY: it’s time to STOP THINKING!”

Simply relax and focus on your breathing patterns for a few minutes.

Of course, there are other options which you can focus on during your prayer/meditation as well:

Many people focus on music…a favorite song, a favorite album…

A lot of you have purchased my guided meditations program, Success Meditations. With this program, you can simply relax and listen to the words that I say on the recordings. They are very soothing words and they have the added bonus of teaching you how to sponsor, prospect, recommend, and to let in abundance.

This Week’s Challenge: In the comments section below, tell me WHAT you are going go focus on during your prayer/meditation. Instead of quieting your mind, you will focus on this ONE thing.

Will you focus on your breathing? A song that you’ll put on in the background? A quote? A single sound like the ocean, the refrigerator/air conditioner humming, or the wind chimes?

Comment below and let me know what you’re going to focus on during your prayer/meditation.