How To Sound More Powerful On The Phone

Let’s talk about the most important action-set in your Network-Marketing business: making phone calls.

I use an old fashioned cordless phone and a headset when I make my calls.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use some form of a headset when you’re making your calls.

This will make you very mobile throughout the entire call and give you more ENERGY and POWER when you are making your calls.

Another great feature of my phone is that I have a clip on it so that I can attach the phone to my belt or to my pocket. This allows me to be extremely mobile and easily have my phone on me no matter what I’m doing during the call.

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Over the years, I’ve found that this method works so well, I even work in my office with the headset on. Oftentimes, I’ll walk around in my office talking to people using my headset technique while I’m shuffling through my papers and cleaning things up.

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Create a more powerful phone presence

To project a better presence on the phone, you must STAND UP while making your calls.

Your diaphragm will be free, your breathing will tend to be a lot cleaner and you’ll have a much more RESONANT voice. And remember, it’s VERY IMPORTANT when you’re making phone calls to have your voice project over the phone lines so that you grab a person (as I like to say) “by the throat” (in a nurturing way) and get them to listen to you. I love being able to stand up and be free with my breath when I’m making phone calls.

Obviously the headset idea is just a suggestion for you to be a little freer and mobile. It allows you to be able to do things while you’re out and about or in your home that without a headset would have been impossible (for example – folding clothes).

Use The List

Another AMAZING idea that I recommend is to make calls with PAPER LISTS. This is what I did when I was initially building my business. I used my paper lists and I would get 3-5 lists spread out at the kitchen table.

Then, while I’d be making some food for my sons or be cleaning up in the kitchen…I would take my lists and I would start punching buttons on a phone and I would start calling.

And one day, I was making some calls and I was leaving voicemail after voicemail after voicemail. I was stirring my son’s pasta and I dialed somebody’s number.

All of a sudden, I hear somebody say, “Hello?” I was stunned and taken aback.

I went, “Hello?”

And they said, “Hello?”

And I looked down at my lists and I thought, “Oh no I can’t remember who I called”. I had so many lists out in front of me that I couldn’t remember and I knew I had to confess. I said, “Hi. This is MJ Durkin calling.”

The guy on the other end of the phone started laughing and he said, “You forgot who you were calling, didn’t you MJ?”

We had a good laugh over that and I thanked God that it was a client that I knew named Jim from Canada.

He knew that I had blown it and forgot who I was calling and he thought it was pretty funny.

I’ve NEVER made a perfect phone call

The reason that I tell you this story is that I’ve never made a PERFECT phone call…and I’ve written eight books on prospecting and selling!

I’ve been prospecting for over 25 YEARS using the phone as a prospecting/selling tool and I’ve never made a perfect call. As a matter of fact, after all these years I still make mistakes.

I “flub” up my language, I mess up my words and I say the wrong things. However, there’s always been one thing that I’ve been CONSISTENT with about with my prospecting – I ALWAYS make the next call. I’m ALWAYS willing to punch buttons on the phone and see what’s going to happen as a result of the next interaction.

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I GUARANTEE you that when you’re prospecting you will never know what’s going to happen when someone picks up the phone. You won’t know if someone will be very eager to hear from you…you don’t know if they’ll be in a bad mood…you don’t know if you’re going to reach their voicemail. But I GUARANTEE you that every time you punch buttons on a phone, it’s going to be a CREATIVE ADVENTURE.

I LOVE the creative adventure of prospecting. I love it when the prospect “zigs” and I have to “zag”. I love it when prospects throw me little curveballs because I know no matter what they throw at me my goal is to get them on my calendar to book an appointment.

Phone Power Summary

So the MESSAGE of this blog post is:

  • Use a headset
  • Learn how to “walk and talk” as you’re prospecting
  • Write your names and numbers on a paper List.

And I want you to remember and UNDERSTAND that you’re not going to be perfect when you are making calls but that the goal is to just make some calls and get some MOMENTUM. I will GUARANTEE you if you’re making calls you’ll eventually start to reach people who are interested in meeting with you and you’ll be able to fill your calendar.

So remember, the SECRET TO SUCCESS in this business is to (on a consistent basis) be punching buttons on a phone in order to build your Network -Marketing or your Direct Selling business.