Attention: If you are a seasoned veteran of Network-Marketing you NEED to read this:

If your team is growing, if you're personally recruiting and sponsoring new people constantly, if your volume is increasing each month and you keep breaking through and reaching the next promotion level every time you set a goal THEN YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE!

Get out of here and take your team on a cruise!

But...if you're FRUSTRATED that your team is NOT GROWING, if you're NOT personally recruiting and sponsoring new people, if you're having TROUBLE getting your teammates to work as hard as you do or if you HATE that fact that your consultants, reps, distributors or promoters on your team quit or stop working or you are just plain TIRED OUT and don't think you have what it takes to rebuild it just ONE MORE TIME then you need to read this letter to the end because I'm going to show you...

The Secrets that Most Seasoned Veterans and Leaders in Network-Marketing Will Never Know about How to Stay Personally Motivated and How to Build Teams of People That Are Self-Sufficient and Keep On Recruiting, Sponsoring and Selling Even If You, the Leader, is Not Breathing Down Their Necks!

If you're not brand new to Network-Marketing then you are one of two types of people. Read the following descriptions and see if you can determine which one you are:

Person # 1:

You got into Network-Marketing and you got a FAST-START by sponsoring a bunch of your warm-market friends and family and things took off! You saw fairly INSTANT growth and you were amazed when your company of choice started sending you some GOOD SIZED checks and they kept coming! You were excited and grateful that you had made the choice to start a business in this great industry of Network-Marketing.

But...then at some point your growth started to level OFF. You LOST a couple of your best people or one or two of your top leaders quit. You couldn't believe it but it happened! Your checks leveled off and STOPPED growing and some of your checks actually DECREASED in size. You got a little worried and jumped in there to motivate and inspire your team. You pumped them up with speeches and you even got into your downline and did more meetings and one-on-ones...BUT... NOTHING SEEMED TO WORK!

Your team, organization, downline, hierarchy or successline just stopped growing and no matter what you did you just couldn't seem to get it to the next level and you were FRUSTRATED and CHALLENGED and you DIDN'T KNOW WHAT to DO...'s not like it's so bad. You have your rank, title or promotion level. Money is still coming in. You are still making more money on a part-time basis than you could with a full time job and you still believe and like your business and the products or services you provide. So you aren't going to quit or go anywhere...


The REALLY BIG MONEY that you see other leaders making and you know that you have just as much skill, personality, desire and ability to work hard as they do so it kind of ticks you off but you really don't know what to do about it.

So you either totally identify with Person # 1 or you are...

Person # 2:

If you are the second type of person in Network-Marketing you DID NOT necessarily get a fast start when you started your business. But you were very excited and very committed to the products or services. They probably changed your life in a very significant way. You loved the energy of the company and your leaders and for the first time in a long time you started dreaming, hoping and believing that you could have a better life and that you could have more. You became a real believer in what the company stood for and how you could change people's lives for the better.

But... a lot of the people in your warm-market that you approached didn't see it like you did and they DID NOT join you in your new business.

Sure, some of them bought some products or used the services but for the most part you've had a lot of DIFFICULTY in sponsoring or recruiting people.

No matter how many people you get in front of you just CAN'T seem to get anyone interested in joining with you to become part of your team...or you've sponsored a few people but they've done NOTHING and never even sponsored one person.


You get a small team going but the volume is up one month and DOWN the next. And when you finally think that you've got some momentum the team members that you thought were going to do it either drop of the face of the earth or just downright quit...and you're back to building it back up again...

And you're FRUSTRATED and you are DISCOURAGED but you're hanging in there and go to all the meetings and you believe and hope against hope that this thing is going to work but you're a little BATTERED and a bit BRUISED by the whole experience. You won't QUIT and that's really admirable but when you go to your yearly convention and to your regional meetings you see other people getting awards and checks and you think to yourself...


So, which person are you?

If you are Person # 1 you've done well but you're really frustrated that you can't seem to get your business moving again and break through that income ceiling that you've hit or...

If you are Person # 2 you're extra discouraged because your business has never really taken off for you and you believe that it can but you just can't seem to figure out what is wrong.


I can fix this for you if you are willing to follow some simple steps, deal with your "inner game" issues and get the coaching you need to break through the barriers that are holding you back!

Let's talk about the BARRIERS for minute and understand where they come from before I show you how to fix them. These BARRIERS arise out of three distinct areas. They are:

Inner Game Issues: This area relates to everything that you believe about yourself, your company, your leaders, the industry, your local market and your product or service. The way you talk about these areas or the "story" that you tell yourself and others will determine whether or not you SUCCEED -- and many of you have a screwed up "story" -- one that will NOT support your ability to be successful in your Network-Marketing opportunity!

You probably also have serious inner game issues around MONEY -- most of us do! You may say that you want success and that you want unlimited wealth and freedom but you have such negative "inner-game" as it relates to MONEY that you are actually "vibrationally" detracting the very money and success that you want and are UNCONSCIOUSLY pushing it away from you.

So no matter how much action you take, you will never be able to overcome these "self-imposed" barriers because you are actually "psychologically reversed" when it comes to attracting money, wealth, success, new teammates and leaders that will work as hard as you do, more team volume and the next rank or promotion level!

Outer Game Issues: This area encompasses everything that is connected to the "ACTION" that you take...and don't get me wrong -- you DO need to take action but...READ THIS NEXT PART VERY CAREFULLY AND TAKE IT IN:

If you take massive action but you do the WRONG ACTIONS then you will NOT get the RESULTS that you WANT and much of your action and activity will be WASTED because you are doing the WRONG things. (this is why you get so tired and beat up and feel that you can't go on anymore or why you want to QUIT a lot of the time)

Here are some of the actions or activities that you are engaging in or NOT engaging in that are killing your ability to get to the next level in your Network-Marketing Business:

  • Not personally sponsoring enough new people on a consistent basis. (your entire team will duplicate this about three months after you fall into this trap!)
  • Trying to "manage" your team by becoming the motivational guru of your people. ("if they would only do what they need to do then I would be more successful!)
  • Not enough new names on your own personal Contact List. (no plan or multiple methods of lead generation)
  • Not starting new reps, consultants or distributors properly. (the new ones get wiped out before they even get started and you lose them forever)
  • Thinking you are leading by posting stuff on Facebook or sending emails.
  • Not focusing on the correct activities that will actually recruit new teammates and make them successful. (success in Network-Marketing is all about focusing on the right activities)
  • Not being consistent with the right activity.
  • Trying to duplicate your sponsor's personality or their methods when your personality doesn't fit for that particular method of lead generation or way of sponsoring.
  • Diffusing your efforts and wasting time working with people that don't deserve your attention or burn you out by draining all your energy. (by trying to help everyone you lose the power of focus and don't help the people that really qualify to get your time)

"ACTION ORIENTED" items have to do with applying the proper technique, strategy or focusing your activity so that it is the most effective and produces RESULTS!


And if these two areas (inner game and outer game) weren't enough to mess you up and prevent your success you also have to transform your beliefs about how to achieve success and "allow" wealth to start to stream to you automatically and easily because you've been taught and believe a LOT of things about how to succeed that let's face it...

Have just NOT been working!

So you also have to look at your barriers in following area:

Wealth Creation Issues: Many of you have been taught outdated methods as it relates to success and ways to attract money. You've been taught that you must "work hard and never quit" or "that you must do the things that unsuccessful people aren't willing to do" or that you must "endure short term sacrifice and pain so that you can have future gain."

You've been berated for being lazy, not getting up off your "asker" or you've been told that must continue to attack success with ACTION, ACTION and more ACTION!

You've been taught "to set a goal with a timeline" or you've been told you have to publicly let everyone know what your goal is so that "you can be held accountable" or "that you must visualize your goals and dreams" in order to achieve them and if you do these things that you WILL succeed... hasn't happened yet...

And you are TIRED...

And you want to love your business again but you just can't seem to get motivated to keep working and have such a poor return for all your hard work and efforts.


Which is MORE failure and frustration...

And... I know exactly how you feel. I've been there and I couldn't believe that EVERYTHING I had been taught and everything that I had been doing still left me barely paying my bills but I'm going to show you exactly how I ditched the old-fashioned methods that weren't working and show you a new way of thinking, acting and being...

So I've put together a comprehensive Coaching Program that will help you change your vibration, teach you the proper activities to build your Network-Marketing business and will allow you to automatically start receiving ALL the money, volume, new teammates and time freedom that you deserve.

It is called MJ's Personal Coaching Program

First of all let me tell WHY when you buy a huge audio CD program or attend a 3 day transformational or motivational seminar that it doesn't work...



You can't get a decent drink from a
fire-hose or a fire-hydrant that is
turned on full blast.

And that's what most programs do! They blast you with all this content and you don't get a chance to apply the techniques, strategies and transform your inner game issues and test it along the way...



This is a program that will take you week by week through a process of Personal Coaching from me. I will "drip" on you just enough each week so that you can actually absorb the content, internalize and start to apply it in your business and your life while...

You are growing as a person, making yourself stronger, more confident, more magnetic and absolutely rejection-proof.

Here's how it works and here is what you get:

Every week you will receive a two-part audio:

Audio # 1 will focus on helping you to transform your inner game issues that relate to the "Psychology of Success" "The Law of Attraction" and "Wealth Creation." These audios will teach you a completely brand new way of looking at creating success and attracting money. No old-fashioned worn out "goal setting" speeches here!

Here are the titles of your first 7 weeks of "Inner Game Success" Audios:

Week 1: Manifesting Your Desires

Week 2: Attracting Money - Are Your Worthy?

Week 3: You Create Everything In Your Network-Marketing Business

Week 4: Moving In The Direction Of Your Desires

Week 5: The Secret Wealth Attractor

Week 6: The Psychology of Prospecting

Week 7: Increasing Confidence - The Secret Ingredient to Success

When you become a member of MJ's Personal Coaching Program you'll have the access and ability to listen to the audio on your computer, download it to your Smart Phone or iPod or even burn it to a CD.

I'm going to recommend that you listen to that week's listen as often as you can so that you can internalize the message and start to apply it to your personal situations and challenges. But you'll also get a second audio:

Audio # 2 will focus on helping you to transform your outer-game issues. This audio is very heavy on specific techniques, strategies and activities (the correct ones!) to help you have a quantum leap in your Network-Marketing business.

Here are the titles of your first 7 weeks of "Outer Game Success" Audios:

Week 1: It's Easier to Give Birth Than To Raise the Dead

Week 2: Building Depth - Making Your Teammates Successful

Week 3: The Commitment Conversation

Week 4: The List Intensive

Week 5: Succeed With Your List

Week 6: Getting Out of Voicemail Hell

Week 7: Becoming a Strong, Confident Closer

Again, I'm going to recommend that you listen to this audio repeatedly during the week to really internalize the techniques so that they come to you "automatically" so that you can adjust accordingly to the situations that you encounter.

Now, let's talk a little about your investment in this program...

My Double CD sets normally sell for $89.95 which brings my average single CD price to about $45.00 per CD.

Some of you have purchased my larger 8 CD sets for $300 or so which again comes out to about $40.00 per CD.

So you get 2 audios per week which worth about $90.00 per week and since you get 2 per week, you get 8 audios per month which have a value of:

$360.00 per month

By the way, if you already know me and trust me, and the information that you've read and listened to so far resonates with you and makes sense to you go ahead and click below and join MJ's Personal Coaching Program and you'll get access to the entire program and all the bonuses that you would get if you read to the end of this letter. I highly recommend that you click the button below:

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But... If you need to hear, see or feel more keep reading along because the best is yet to come...

In addition to the Weekly Success Audios that come to you incrementally week after week you also receive my "Success Workbook." This workbook is filled with very specific questions and exercises designed to help you have your QUANTUM LEAP and your BREAKTHROUGH'S in your business...

It will ask you questions and encourage you to look deeply into your psyche and will help you to understand where you really want to go, how to get there...and why you haven't gotten there in the past.

By taking the time and energy you will start to discover "who" you are being and it will help you to craft a vision of "who" you want to be. This is a very vital component of the course and you should take the questions and the exercises in the workbook very seriously.

How much would a "transformational guru" or course leader charge you for a course or workbook that helps you to look at yourself and discover what your BARRIERS are and how to overcome them?

I've seen and invested in courses like this that cost up to $1,200 or more...and I have no doubt that this workbook will help you to have the breakthroughs that you need to have to double or triple your income so it's worth at least: $1,200 and if you divide that by 12 months it would have a value of:


But wait THERE'S MORE!...

In addition to the Weekly Success Audios that come to you incrementally week after week you also receive various Video Courses each week that will give you a more in-depth, a deeper dive that will include verbiage, scripts, specific language, systems and methods for prospecting, presenting and closing. They will include training videos from my most popular courses like:

Determining Your Prospect's Personality
The Wealth Creation Course
Double Your Contacts Fast Start Course
Getting Through Gatekeepers
How to Remember Names
And many, many more...

Again, every week I'll "drip" a 20 minute video segment to you that you can review in order to increase your skills. I remember one of my multi-millionaire friends in Network-Marketing saying, "If you're going to increase your business volume and your income you've got to increase your skill level."

I sell these video courses by themselves for $297.00 each so if you access at least one course every month it will be worth at least:

$297.00 per month

So again, if you've heard, seen or felt enough and you already know me, you're a fan and you believe I can help you go ahead and click the button below and you'll get the same great price and ALL the bonuses that you would get if you read to the end of this letter...

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But...if you need to know more stay with me and keep reading...

Because I'm really going to sweeten this deal by adding in something that is really going to blow your mind and is also going to be critical catalyst in taking you to the next level in your business.

I'm going to give a chance to ask me, MJ Durkin, your personal questions about specific issues that you have in your business. Yes, I am going to personally coach you and help you to fine-tune the things that you are doing wrong that are preventing you from achieving the success you want.

I don't mean to be negative here but I'm telling you from experience that you are making mistakes and misfires that you don't even realize you are committing. The good news is that when you tell me your scenario and I ask you questions about how you're doing it, what you're not doing and what you're saying I have an uncanny ability to crack the code and help you fix it.

Yes, sometimes it's just a little tweaking or fine-tuning that is needed from an outside perspective. No offense but sometimes your sponsor or upline leader is too close to your situation or to close the business to see what I can see.

And I am very, very good at putting my finger on what is wrong and how to fix it. (I highly recommend myself! )

So twice a month I give you a chance to get Personal Coaching from me and ask me any question that you want on a Coaching Call. Not only will you get your question answered and get my personal Coaching but you'll also hear my other Clients ask their questions and you'll get some great information and Coaching by listening to my interactions with them.

And by the way... can't make it for each call I record each one and put it in your "archives" section so that you can listen it whenever you get a chance!

So how much is this coaching worth? When I do consulting for individual client face-to-face I charge $1,200 per hour so...

If you ask me two questions per month and I coach you for 15 minutes or so the value of that coaching would be:

$600.00 per month

So let's review what you're going to get in MJ's Personal Coaching Program:

8 Audio's Per Month:

$360.00 per month

1 Personal Growth workbook:

$100.00 per month

1 Skills Based Training Video Course:

$297.00 per month

2 Personal Coaching Calls:


MJ's Personal Coaching Program

Total Value: $1,460.00

Yes, that’s $1,460 per month worth of audio’s, workbooks, video courses and personal coaching and now I’m going to do something incredibly crazy!

Actually it is pretty insane…

Because I’m going to give you this entire package for only…

$88.00 per month

Yes, you read it right. $88.00 a month to have access to EVERYTHING that I’ve listed above. So can I make a recommendation? I would highly recommend that you click on the button below and order “MJ’s Personal Coaching Program.”

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Remember this is an introductory offer and I can guarantee you that this incredibly low price will not last forever. As a matter of fact I can say with assurance that I will never be this nice to you again.

Keep in mind that by purchasing you are agreeing to invest the $88.00 for the first three months but that after the 90 days you can decide to stay with the program if you choose.

Obviously from my point of view I will be heaping on the value and expecting that you will see results! If you see results, grow your team and make more money it will be a no-brainer for you to continue studying the Double Your Downline Course and receiving my Personal Coaching because the value that you receive will far outweigh your monthly investment.

Here's another chance to purchase. I highly recommend it!

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