Raise Your Vibration and Make Money Fast!


Early one Saturday morning, I received an email from a student.

This email hit me right in the gut and quite frankly, right in the heart.

This man talked about being in his business for 15 years.

He talked about how he had several ups and downs in the business and at one point he had been very successful. However, he was now at his lowest point in the business and that he was barely making anything.

Business was so bad for him he was literally taking money out of his retirement account to buy groceries.

I have to tell you that I was sitting there with my mouth hanging wide open…

This man laid it out there on the line. He said he was worried that his spouse was losing faith in him and that was a real big problem. No matter what he did he couldn’t seem to get momentum in his business.

He was having trouble recruiting and sponsoring people and lately it was just one “no” after another.

Every attempt he made to build his team fell apart. His volume was the lowest it had ever been.

So, I sat there for probably 45 minutes, to write him back.

I described to him what I thought he should do and I talked about why I thought he was having problems in his business based off some of the things he had mentioned in his email.

I sent this email off to him and I prayed for him.

It touched me so much that I actually sent him some of my materials in the mail.

He sent an email back to me a couple of days later thanking me for my response and that he was putting everything I said into practice.

And, perhaps you are in a similar position where you are really stuck…

…or really down…

You may just want to know how to take your business to the next level.

Whatever situation you are in, I’m going to give you some ideas on how you can “level up.”

One of the first things that I said to Stan was that all is well and everything is OK.

You are exactly where you are because that’s where you are supposed to be.

It is very common for us to beat ourselves up if we are not succeeding.

I’ve seen so many other people start beating themselves up. Nothing shuts off the flow of abundance from the Creator like beating yourself up and being negative.

One of the things that I said to Stan was that I wanted him to be easy on himself. Which is not something most people hear – usually, you hear that you’re are supposed to work harder and that winners never quit.

People will parrot things like “I want to win so bad and I need to get a why that makes me cry and I need to take massive action.”

If that’s not working for you – then you need to relax.

Yes, you need to start letting success actually come towards you.

You see…some of you are chasing success so hard that you are trying to force success to come to you and that literally blocks God’s blessings from you.

One of the things that I say all the time is that if you want to increase your business you’ve got to be “blessable” (Yes I know that’s not a word).

Here’s what that means:

You’ve got to get rid of the things that are blocking the flow of abundance from the creator – you’ve got to stop beating yourself up and being hard on yourself. Some of you are so committed to your goals you become uptight and literally push success away from you. If you’ve been stuck, I can tell you that in many cases being too uptight and too intense about success (and I know this because I DID this for years) only pushes wealth away from you.

I told Stan that he needed to lighten up. He needed to be light and easy and laugh more. He needed to enjoy his business and have fun on the way to reaching his goals.

If you are taking notes, write this down: you need to have more fun on the way to your goals.

Some of you are so uptight about this success thing and reaching your goals that you are literally pushing abundance away from you.

My recommendation is that you start letting success find you.

Many of you have been studying personal development material for YEARS…and you are not much better than you were 20 years ago.

I know – I was there and for years I kept hitting the glass ceiling. I could not seem to raise my income above a certain level and there was NO ONE more intense than MJ Durkin.

I was pretty uptight and a very driven man and I was making some good money but I wasn’t making the real abundance and effortless abundance that I really wanted to come into my life.

You see – you can actually start increasing your Network-Marketing, Direct Selling and Party Plan business simply by relaxing.

I told Stan in the email to take a couple of deep breaths. I knew he was felt kind of low and I told him if he felt like he needed to – just cry.

If needed – just take some deep breaths and release that frustration – if the tears come – let the tears come.

Let it all out and cleanse yourself so you can get ready to start having abundance come to you.

I want to let you know that right now is the tipping point for you.

You can literally turn your business on a dime in about 30 days.

All it takes is one month to shift yourself, have more fun, relax and start enjoying people more for this change to happen.

Be light and easy on yourself but remember – I still want you to:

  • go out and work
  • make phone calls
  • book appointments
  • close people
  • sell your products/services
  • recruit new teammates

As a matter of fact, one of the other things I said to Stan was that I told him to find three people that he could work with.

Then, I wanted him to work with those three and help them make their prospecting calls. That means that he would have to literally get on a three-way call with them and help them book appointments and get people to opportunity meetings. I told Stan not to help more than three people – only find three to work with and promote them to the next level. Then I told him I wanted him to find another three people to promote to the next level and help them make their appointments.

Now I want to do some real serious teaching with you right now…

A lot of you are asking your teammates to go out and prospect but they are too green and naive. They don’t have the confidence and they end up not doing it.

However, if you help them do it and just work with three people at a time it’ll produce great results.

Quite frankly, you can’t work with more than three people at a time anyways.

Imagine in your compensation plan if you were able to get three people to that first really good level in your business what that mean to your business? Imagine if they were bringing in around $20,000 in volume to your business!

That would be a huge difference for most of you and you’d start to get momentum.

Let me tell you what I told Stan…

I believe in you.

I believe that you can do this.

I believe that you can turn your business around to where riches come so quickly and in so much abundance that you will wonder how it’s taken you so long to get to that point where you let it all in.

Prospecting should be easy.

You should be attracting great people who want more out of life.

What a lot of you need to do is to change your story.

You need to change your story and you need to create or raise your vibration.

Some of you are operating at a low vibration and you need to raise it up.

You need to start thinking like wealthy people – and let me tell you that wealthy people are relaxed.

That’s why I always recommend to our members in The Freedom Circle that you put a $100 bill in your wallet. It will help you to feel wealthy (make sure you don’t spend it). When you look at things in a store and know you have that $100 in your wallet you say to yourself…I can buy that. I also recommend you increase it to $200…to $300…to $400. You see, when you have a couple of hundred dollars in your wallet you feel pretty good.

Just remember that feeling good is the main key to having blessings reach you.

If you are not feeling good and you have bitterness or anger, God cannot bless you.

I told Stan that all was well and he was going to be OK.

I made sure he knew that he could turn things around and that I believed in him.

I believe that YOU too can be successful in this business.

I believe that you can find three good people and help them with the hardest part of their business – prospecting.

What I know about you is that you’ve got the confidence and you’ll be able to close them and bring them onto your team.

You can do this. I know you can do it.

One of the first things you need to do is take a deep breath and relax.

Have more fun and be light and easy.

Enjoy yourself on the way to reaching your goals.

This Week’s Challenge: In the comments section below, leave a quick comment telling me ONE thing you’re going to be “EASIER” on yourself about…in other words, tell me ONE THING that you’re going to stop beating yourself up about so you can start really relaxing and letting it all in!