Teammate Killers


It’s time for you to stop losing teammates.

Do you understand the percentage chance of recruiting a new teammate?

Think back to the effort involved with sponsoring a new teammate/distributor/associate/rep in your business…it’s HARD WORK!

So, if you have a system in place that is DESIGNED TO FAIL and you repeatedly keep losing new teammates…

Perhaps it’s time for a change.

These mistakes are what I call TEAMMATE KILLERS and…

The bottom line is this: you don’t HAVE to lose teammates…but there are some mistakes you are making that are causing you to lose people before they ever get started in your business.

It looks something like this: you get a new teammate and you did all the work to get them started in the business. They’re excited and have signed your teammate application – that’s awesome! Their first starter kit, order or their first premium package is on its way to them.

Everything is great but this is when they are at their most vulnerable time.

I remember a high-level distributor once telling me that the 4-5 days before their starter kit gets to them is when they are the most vulnerable and I agree.

So what do you normally do with a new teammate?

  • You usually tell them to think about people they’d like to invite to a presentation.
  • Maybe you are going to do some form of a one-on-one with them where you will provide assistance.
  • Whatever it is, in most cases, you are usually asking your new teammates to invite people somewhere to talk/present to them.

Our new teammate goes home and is excited about their new opportunity. They may have just invested upwards of $1,000 and put some serious skin in the game. That’s great but they now will talk to 4-5 friends and family members about their new business that they are all excited about.

So, answer me this question – if they talk to 4-5 friends or family, do they hear positive or negative things in response? I had 100 people in Colorado yell back at me, “They hear negative! They hear things like that’s a pyramid or a scam. They hear things like that’s already been through here.”

So, when they talk to 5 people about their business and they hear negative – what happens to your new teammate? Well you and I both know what happens.

In many cases you will lose that new teammate.

I asked the group in Colorado if they’ve ever sent someone home to talk to people about the business (even with some coaching) and ended up losing them? Many of those people (70-80) told me they never even heard from them again! I’ll tell you – I saw some pained faces in the audience out there.

Here’s what I said to that audience:

“Not only did you lose a great human being who could have worked in your business but you also lost something else – their contact list.”

It’s sad but true – when you sent them home to talk to people and they heard negative you lost 25-50 people that they could have gotten to a business launch if it was done properly. That’s 25-50 people that could have sat down for a training appointment or a kitchen table presentation or even made a sale.

Most of your new teammates (because they are rookies, lack confidence and are naive) collapse the invitation into a presentation and go home only to blow their friends and family right out of the business.

They wipe all those contacts right off their warm-market list.

Write this down and take this note:

New teammates bring to you 25-50 new names and numbers that you could get a presentation in front of…

If only you could keep them around for more than a few days!

Are you feeling this?

This is a tough situation – that’s why I call it the Teammate Killers.

People don’t like to hear it but it’s just a reality and it can make or break your Network-Marketing / Direct Selling business.

When you send brand new people off to talk to people without you…they get chewed up and spit out…they simply can’t handle it.

Don’t send people home and tell them to talk to people by themselves.

In fact, I would make them swear a blood oath that they won’t talk to anyone about their business – unless you (the sponsor) are with them or on the phone with them.

This is huge folks…when you let people go and talk to others by themselves they destroy their warm-market list.

Here’s the good news – if you prevent them from going and talking to people by themselves and make the calls with them you will be able to get the appointments.

I’ll tell you that I’ve tried for over 11 years to teach brand new people how to prospect efficiently and successfully.

Here’s what I’ve come to learn – it’s very difficult to teach people this. The chances of success are less than 10%.

However, I know that you are strong and that I can depend on you.

I know that if your new teammates give you access to a good prospect that you can get an appointment. You believe and you’ve been around long enough to handle an objection or two whereas your new person would get blown out.

So, my recommendation to you is that you don’t let your new teammates talk to anyone by themselves. Become a part of the process and make sure that you are either making a three-way call with them or going in person with them to see someone. Hold their hands, lock arms with them and insert yourself into the process of helping them get in front of someone.

You will see your results go through the roof.

You will see incredible growth and build depth all while keeping your new teammate in the business.

This Week’s Challenge: In the comments section below, leave a quick comment committing to your plan to keep your new teammates sticking around!